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Pricing Transparency & Patient Info


Our Office Philosophy

I hope you enjoy your visit to our office. My staff and I strive to provide you with knowledgeable, compassionate care and to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.  We believe in honesty and transparency, which are the foundation for any lasting partnership. You are unique - your body is unique and your motivations are unique. Schedule a consultation with me at Jeffrey Lai, MD to combine your passion for life with our advanced therapies to keep you optimized. 


Independent Medical Care Unhindered by Insurance Companies 

To better serve you directly, the office of Jeffrey Lai, MD, does not contract with any 3rd party insurance companies.  This means that the Dr. Lai is not a part of Medicare, Medi-Cal, or any PPO, IPA , or HMO network. We understand that this may be disappointing to hear at first, but once you visit our office and experience the difference in convenience, quality of care, and our advanced treatments, you will understand the benefits of an independent medical practice.  We are here to serve you, not the insurance companies and their complicated health plans.  


Insurance Claims and Medicare/Medi-Cal

If your insurance plan provides reimbursement for out-of-network providers, my office will provide you with an itemized statement that you can submit for possible reimbursement.  Because health insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company, we cannot guarantee any level of insurance reimbursement. A special note about Medicare/Medi-Cal: claims cannot be sent to Medicare/Medi-Cal as Dr. Lai is not contracted with those government programs.


Standard Payment Policy

We believe in pricing transparency and ask for payment at the time of service.  We accept all major credit cards and/or cash. Unlike other medical offices, you will know how much a treatment costs before deciding on that treatment. We are categorically opposed to surprise billing in the health care system.


Questions about pricing? 

Please email or call my office at (424) 501-2221 and we will send you a pricing and fee schedule.


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