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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men Specialist

Jeffrey Lai, MD -  - Regenerative Sports Medicine Physician

Jeffrey Lai, MD

Regenerative Sports Medicine Physician & Hormone Specialist located in Torrance, CA

Hormone levels naturally decline with age, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the unpleasant symptoms low hormone levels can cause. Board-certified physician Jeffrey Lai, MD, practicing in Torrance, California, believes that normal is not optimal, and you should be able to benefit from advanced treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to relieve your symptoms, increase lean muscle mass, and boost your libido. Find out how BHRT can do this and much more by calling Jeffrey Lai, MD, today or book an appointment using the form on this website.



What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a treatment that can help restore your well-being if your hormone levels are out of balance.

Everyone’s hormone levels are susceptible to imbalance as part of the aging process. You might be experiencing unpleasant signs and symptoms that you reason away as a consequence of getting older, but may actually be a result of decreasing hormones. Common symptoms that men experience include:

  • Fatigue and increased need for sleep
  • Weight gain
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Depression and anxiety/frustration
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Mood swings
  • Low libido
  • Lack of motivation and vitality

What is important to recognize is that the signs of aging you experience could be due to hormone imbalance, also known as andropause in men. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) could, therefore, make a significant difference in the way you feel. While aging is inevitable, you do not have to surrender your mind and body to the common effects that accompany decreasing hormone levels. NORMAL IS NOT OPTIMAL.

While age is a fixed number, YOUR HEALTHSPAN and the number of years you can feel and live optimally is not.

What Is Andropause In Men?

Andropause, which is the gradual decline in the production of androgenic hormones and particularly testosterone in males, begins to happen AS EARLY AS 30 YEARS OF AGE. In fact, the natural decline of a man’s testosterone between the ages of 22 to 30 occurs at an average of 1-2% per year. This slow, gradual decline lends itself to a man’s acceptance and rationalization of symptoms such as fatigue, loss of muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss.

Testosterone is a significant and essential part of BHRT because it is the primary hormone for strength, libido and energy. As testosterone declines, the common symptoms of loss of muscle mass, fatigue and weight gain, as well as loss of libido and erectile dysfunction appear.

Why Use Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are compounded hormones derived from natural sources and designed to be structurally indistinguishable from naturally-occurring human hormones. The term “bioidentical” refers to the exact-match replication of hormones which leads to a reduced number of side effects in patients, as well as the increased effectiveness and satisfaction of the treatment.

Bioidentical hormones are created in a lab and compounded into tailored prescriptions at a compounding pharmacy. Compounding pharmacies operate under specified guidelines established by the FDA to compound bioidentical hormones in the exact strength and dosage as prescribed by the attending practitioner. Dr. Lai partners with MedQuest to provide quality, customized pharmaceutical products to our hormone replacement therapy patients.

During your consultation, Dr. Lai will perform an extensive evaluation of your medical history, lifestyle, concerns and lab results to create a tailor-made treatment just for you.

How Is BHRT Administered? What Is The Process?


The first step in getting BHRT is to make sure you are a suitable candidate for our hormone replacement program. During the initial complimentary discovery call with Dr. Lai, you will get answers to your questions and determine whether you will benefit from BHRT.


Once Dr. Lai determines that you are a good candidate for the hormone replacement program and you are comfortable moving forward, we will schedule an in-office visit. Prior to this first visit, we will send you an online questionnaire to gather information about your medical history, background, lifestyle, overall health, and concerns. Dr. Lai will use this questionnaire during the in office consultation to determine whether adjustments need to be made to the treatment regimen.

During your visit, you will receive concierge services including a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Lai and a blood draw taken in the comfort of our relaxing office to test your hormone levels, which include testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and thyroid. You and Dr. Lai will work together as a team to target your concerns and come up with viable solutions. We know that your time is valuable and this will allow us to gather all the information we need during one appointment.


Once the results come back from the lab, Dr. Lai will discuss the findings with you before customizing your personal BRHT program. Based on your concerns and medical history, along with the results of your lab work, Dr. Lai will prepare a tailored program just for you. He will provide you with a report that contains all his findings and suggested program to address your needs.

Every patient’s BHRT is compounded to their exact requirements. Testosterone can come in injectable form and topical creams. Depending on your needs and your lifestyle, Dr. Lai can either instruct you on home application of topical creams or schedule office visits for injectable testosterone. Depending on your specific needs and concerns, Dr. Lai may prescribe additional hormones and supplements to your program. To ensure that you are always taking the optimal quantities of hormones, Dr. Lai repeats the testing process at regular intervals. If there are any changes, he can alter your prescription accordingly.

Optimal levels of testosterone in men have been shown to support increased mental clarity and overall mood, increased energy levels, improved muscle mass and increased overall sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, optimal levels of testosterone help protect against diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression , prostate cancer and heart disease.


Prior to this visit, Dr. Lai will require you to perform a blood workup. Again, this can be done in the comfort of our office where we will get you in and out quickly. Once the lab results are received, you will come in for another office visit during which Dr. Lai will review new lab results, discuss your progress, address any concerns you may have, and adjust the program accordingly. We recommend that you repeat this process at 3 month intervals so we can maintain your results and/or adjust the medications depending on your individual reactions. These office visits are included in the program cost as well as any phone calls you may need to have with Dr. Lai. We value your trust and want to ensure your confidence in us every step of the way.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial discovery call with Dr. Lai is complimentary. During this call, you will have your questions answered by a board certified doctor and raise any concerns you may have before proceeding. We want you to feel comfortable with Dr. Lai before incurring any out-of-pocket costs.

The comprehensive in office consultation with Dr. Lai is $250. Given the body’s adjustment period to hormone replacement therapy, it may take approximately 2-3 months to notice a change in your mood, physical appearance, energy levels and libido. Therefore, we provide our patients with 2 program options: six (6) or twelve (12) months.

Male Program Pricing

Comprehensive In Office Consultation with Dr. Lai

Six Month Program

Annual (12 months) Program




All office visits and telephone appointments are included as well as any fees for ordering, prescribing and managing customized programs

  • Prescription and Supplement costs are in addition to all other fees and vary between $100-120 monthly.
  • Lab work will be taken approximately 4 times during the first year and vary between $80-120 each time. After hormone levels are optimized, annual lab work will be performed to make adjustments to the medications.


Our office is a cash-based practice. We do not accept or participate in any insurance programs. Our services are elective and therefore we require the patient to pay upfront for services rendered. We have also opted out of the Medicare Program and are only able to see Medicare patients who are willing to sign a Medicare Waiver, which restricts the patient’s ability to seek reimbursement from Medicare for medical services received at our office.

We understand that this may be disappointing to hear at first, but once you visit our office and experience the difference in convenience, quality of care, and our advanced treatments, you will understand the benefits of an independent medical practice. We are here to serve YOU, not the insurance companies and their complicated health plans. Transparency is a priority to us and you will be provided with treatment or program costs before you agree to proceed.

Our office has negotiated discounted rates for the required lab work. We pass these discounted rates on to our patients and do not profit from these labs. If your insurance plan provides reimbursement for out-of-network providers, our office will provide you with an itemized statement that you can submit for possible reimbursement. Because health insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company, we cannot guarantee any level of insurance reimbursement.