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Preventive Aging Consultation Specialist

Jeffrey Lai, MD -  - Regenerative Sports Medicine Physician

Jeffrey Lai, MD

Regenerative Sports Medicine Physician & Hormone Specialist located in Torrance, CA

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not. Jeffrey Lai, MD, in Torrance, California, is your gateway to next-generation medical science… a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to managing your aging process. Forget conventional thinking about aging, and diagnose-and-treat philosophies. Dr. Lai shifts the emphasis from disease-driven medicine to an innovative, health-focused practice. Dr. Lai helps you take control of the aging process and improve your healthspan. Call today or book a preventative aging consultation using the form on this website.



What Does Preventative Aging Mean?

When we talk about preventative aging, our emphasis is on slowing down the aging process by TREATING THE UNDERLYING CAUSES OF THE DISEASE. Traditional medicine focuses on addressing illnesses as they arise and prescribing medicine to control the symptoms. While this may make the patient feel better by alleviating the symptoms, make no mistake that the patient still suffers from the underlying disease because the root cause has not been treated. While prescription drugs have a place in medicine and are mandatory for some patients, they often have side effects that are treated with more prescription drugs. In the long run, more and more prescription drugs are given to patients to mask the original disease and its ensuing side effects.

Board-certified physician Dr. Jeffrey Lai uses the best of traditional and preventive medicine by first identifying the underlying causes of your health issues and then treating the specific physiological and biochemical causes of disease and disorders. By adding preventative aging medicine to the equation, Dr. Lai hopes to improve your health on a cellular and biochemical level so that your body performs optimally without the need for unnecessary prescription medicines.

Research shows our synergistic whole-life approach helps individuals restore and maintain optimal health so they live well longer. Dr. Lai keeps your health on course, tracking progress, reviewing test results, discussing examinations and determining adjustments to your personal program along the way.

As a result, you enjoy youthful aging, optimizing vitality, vigor and a higher quality of life – with improved cognitive functions, enhanced libido, lean body mass, decreased body fat, better skin tone, improved cholesterol, a stronger immune system, and healthier bones.

Your Biological Age Is Different Than Your Chronological Age

Each birthday we celebrate is another year added to our chronological age. It is a fixed number that indicates how many years we have lived and there is no way to reverse it. Your biological age, on the other hand, is a measurement of your body’s health and performance and is more important that your chronological age.

Your biological age reveals how healthy your body is and may be influenced by genetics but also heavily impacted by external factors such as diet, sleep, exercise, and stress. By managing these external factors, we can effectively treat symptoms of aging and improve your overall health. Your chronological age is a fixed number. Your biological age and the number of years you can feel and live optimally is not.

What Happens At My Preventive Aging Consultation? What Is The Process?


The first step is a complimentary discovery call with Dr. Lai so you can get answers to your questions and determine whether you will benefit from our preventative aging consultation and program.


Once Dr. Lai determines that you are a good candidate for the preventative aging consultation and you are comfortable moving forward, we will schedule an in-office visit. Prior to this first visit, we will send you an online questionnaire to gather information about your medical history, background, lifestyle, overall health, and concerns. Dr. Lai will use this questionnaire during the in-office consultation to conduct a comprehensive evaluation - an extremely thorough set of diagnostics that establishes your personal metabolic and physical baseline, and current biological age.

During your visit, you will receive concierge services including a complete physical exam as well as EKG and body composition analysis. A blood draw is taken in the comfort of our relaxing office to test your metabolic panel and hormone levels. You and Dr. Lai will work together as a team to target your concerns and come up with viable solutions. We know that your time is valuable and this will allow us to gather all the information we need during one appointment. Please note that the full evaluation takes approximately 3 hours to complete.


Once the results come back from the lab, Dr. Lai will work with you to identify your current biological age and develop a customized plan for you to slow down the biological aging process. Dr. Lai partners with you to create a multi-faceted program that meets your health goals and successfully manages your aging process. From nutrition to fitness, from weight management to hormones and supplements, each program is tailored to your needs and goals. Therefore, your program plan will be unlike the patient before you and the ones who follow. You stay in control, making informed decisions from solid medical evaluations.

Your personalized program may include Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy which will replenish and/or balance your current hormones to optimal levels. Everyone’s hormone levels are susceptible to imbalance as part of the aging process. You might be experiencing unpleasant signs and symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, lack of sexual drive and hair loss that you reason away as a consequence of getting older, but may actually be a result of decreasing or imbalanced hormones. Hormone balance is vital to your health. Optimal levels of hormones have been shown to support increased mental clarity and overall mood, increased energy levels, improved muscle mass and increased overall sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, optimal levels of hormones help protect against diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression and heart disease.

Another element of your customized program may contain regenerative medicine to relieve pain and dysfunction due to musculoskeletal injuries so you can continue exercising and living an active lifestyle. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) used in the regenerative medicine treatment comes from your own blood and contains growth factors which are healing proteins that stimulate cell growth. Concentrating platelets and injecting them into damaged tissues gives your body’s natural healing processes a significant boost. PRP injections can help treat conditions such as joint arthritis, rotator cuff tears, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, tendinitis and degenerative meniscal tears. Many elite and professional athletes have used PRP injections for years to treat injuries.

Finally, metabolic balance is crucial to your health and well-being. Dr. Lai will address any inflammation in the body that may occur due to your diet, fitness, sleep and lifestyle habits. The body needs an optimal environment to function properly. Lifestyle modification, nutritional planning, vitamin supplementation, fitness objectives among others may be discussed and implemented into your program.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial discovery call with Dr. Lai is complimentary. During this call, you will have your questions answered by a board certified doctor and raise any concerns you may have before proceeding. We want you to feel comfortable with Dr. Lai before incurring any out-of-pocket costs.

The comprehensive in office consultation with Dr. Lai is $375. Given the body’s adjustment period to the recommended program, it may take approximately 2-3 months to notice a change in your mood, physical appearance, energy levels, ease of movement, and overall well-being. Therefore, we provide our patients with 2 program options: six (6) or twelve (12) months.

Preventative Aging Program Pricing

Comprehensive In Office Consultation with Dr. Lai

Six Month Program

Annual (12 months) Program




All office visits and telephone appointments are included as well as any fees for ordering, prescribing and managing customized programs

  • Prescription and Supplement costs are in addition to all other fees and vary between $100-120 monthly.
  • Lab work may be taken up to 4 times during the first year and vary between $80-120 each time.


Our office is a cash-based practice. We do not accept or participate in any insurance programs. Our services are elective and therefore we require the patient to pay upfront for services rendered. We have also opted out of the Medicare Program and are only able to see Medicare patients who are willing to sign a Medicare Waiver, which restricts the patient’s ability to seek reimbursement from Medicare for medical services received at our office.

We understand that this may be disappointing to hear at first, but once you visit our office and experience the difference in convenience, quality of care, and our advanced treatments, you will understand the benefits of an independent medical practice. We are here to serve YOU, not the insurance companies and their complicated health plans. Transparency is a priority to us and you will be provided with treatment or program costs before you agree to proceed.

Our office has negotiated discounted rates for the required lab work. We pass these discounted rates on to our patients and do not profit from these labs. If your insurance plan provides reimbursement for out-of-network providers, our office will provide you with an itemized statement that you can submit for possible reimbursement. Because health insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company, we cannot guarantee any level of insurance reimbursement.